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If you want someone to call you to discuss pallet rack repair, call: 1-800-647-2257.
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Type of Racking to be Repaired:
Roll Form 3" x 1 & 5/8" 3" x 2 & 1/2" 3" x 3"
Structural 3" Channel

Uprights to be Repaired:
Quantity: Pcs. Depth (Inches)

Height of Damage:
Quantity: Pcs. Height Damage - Below and up to 24" inches
Quantity: Pcs. Height Damage - Above 24" inches up to 36" inches
Quantity: Pcs. Height Damage - Above 36" inches up to 48" inches
First Beam Level:
Quantity: Height Other Beam Levels

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Are your warehouse racks damaged by forklift abuse, causing an unsafe, unstable work environment? Don’t unload your racking and don’t remove your damaged uprights, Simply repair the damaged area with our fully adjustable Rack Avenger Kit.
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Got-Rack .com will train your personnel to properly install our RACK AVENGER KITS. RACK AVENGER KITS installed by your trained personnel will be covered by our 20 year warranty.*If you install the RACK AVENGER KITS following our directions and specs and you damage it, we will replace the damaged kit for FREE, along with the shipping and labor. Get a Quote Now »
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